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 《風水縱橫》(The Aspects of Feng-Shui: Understanding the Ancient Science/philosophy Through Its History, Development and Modern Applications)

(ISBN: 978-1-925462-21-0  Traditional Chinese version)

(ISBN: 978-1-925462-22-7  Simplified Chinese version)

Published on June 25, 2018

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The Aspects of Feng-shui covers a wide range of elements of the traditional wisdom of feng-shui. From the beginning of the art where it developed over 2000 years ago, to the development and evolution over the course of history, and to practical uses of the knowledge in our present-day life, this book is informative and yet entertaining for those of you who want to know the background of feng-shui.


The first half of the book focuses on classical theory and historical references, whereas the latter part emphasises on the common practices in everyday life. The book has 99 articles in a total of 9 chapters. This book is written in traditional Chinese.


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